This comprehensive nomenclature will be ordered by the chronology of the published books and within it by the alphabetical order of the characters.
Following the ‘Who’s Who’ of characters, you will find a ‘What’s what’ section, a list of created or combined words with their meanings. There are a fair few occasions where I applied this poetic license to fit closely to the heartbeat of the story or a particular individual within it. The last sections are the peep-holes to the future publications relating to those stories, spin-offs, prequels or next instalments to look forward to. It will offer the tangible glimpse of what is coming next or what happened before.

You will have to bear in mind that what I let out in the open in any given time is a small portion of the rest, of my inner fictional Universes which have been created since I could draw creatures from foxes to unicorns, hence decades. Others fancy building houses during that time which they can not take to their graves, yet I have learnt that my body is my only property to take elsewhere, my words and actions to be, are my only legacy.

Drawings and sometimes pictures are illustrating characters. I will offer the description of some characters as I see them but also they came about to be in my mind. The Who’s who sections will benefit of numerous quotes to enrich the portraits of each character. Like living beings, they evolve instalment after instalment, adding to their complexity. The self secure Archangel Gabriel found in the first tome of It-666 differs from the shadow of himself he becomes in later tomes because in the fifth instalment, he does the unthinkable, something with deep consequences for everyone, even himself.

Put your seatbelt on and enjoy the ride. First destination is Wilton Town in the little hours past midnight, there is a racket going on in the cemetery…

Cordelia's Compendium of Characters
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Published the 21st of October 2014, this short story was born like many of my stories within the midst of a nightmare. I remember still vividly hearing some chilling noises, some eerie music, sad laughter, stuck in the darkness of a long box. I pushed the door open to realise that I was in my coffin. A cowardly glance outside revealed a hilly cemetery, a moonlight night and other corpses rising from their graves, some dragging others to do so. I was freaked enough at the sight to lay back in the safe darkness, thinking that it must be a bad dream and that it will all pass. But someone saw me, someone recognised me, called my name out loud and opened my coffin lid wide open. In front of that half decomposed cadaver, my heart seemed to fail to beat any longer. I closed my eyes of fright and I woke up in my bed safe and well. I was not exposed in a coffin, exhibited to other dead people, I was in my bedroom with for only witness, my black cat Mystic blinking her yellow eyes at me peacefully from the other pillow.
It-666’s story can not be told in one sentence not even in one book. It has a fateful spin to it which will last for as long as it is meant to last. It is determined.
We have reached the end of this first edition of the Compendium. I hope you enjoyed meeting my characters. To resume, they are the ones of my first two published books so far. As the Compendium is far from being fixed and pre-determined, as more of my stories will be released, it will be expanded regularly.