Welcome to my Blog

I am quite an active blogger I run a fair few blogs online.

You will find all my latest writing news here: cordeliamaltherezonezin.blogspot.co.uk

The blog works like a magazine of my endeavours, works in progress and projects.

This is where nuggets and trivia about my characters are released but also where titbits of chapters, passages are flashed to fans much before publication of the story they belong to.

You are welcome to dig a little more into my blogging life which is in essence for me some sort of diary.

From sharing my efforts as a keen amateur gardener to the successes of the foodie I am, passing by my very human rants, my blogs are quite varied. Some are only available past midnight to disappear again a couple of hours later. Some are fully public and available.

Here is a couple of many blogs address: http://lamaisondecordelia.blogspot.co.uk/

and misanthrop-ing.blogspot.co.uk