It-666’s story can not be told in one sentence not even in one book. It has a fateful spin to it which will last for as long as it is meant to last. It is determined. 

Let me confess, it feels strange to even speak about It or mention her. ‘It’ came knocking on my imagination’s door via nightmares that would not go away, that would get repeatedly spookier by the night, so much so that I would sit and stare at the four walls of my own bedroom with all lights on, too afraid to just sleep. Thank god, I did not have a partner at that time. He would have thought I went bonkers. I thought I did go so myself until I started writing what I saw in those nightmares. 

It made me stop the flow of ‘Clementine Boatswain’s adventures in the After world’, her blog, and her five books out of eleven in full swing (that work is unpublished but on the map of future publication). Just like that, one summer, many sleepless nights, I had the urge to write It-666 out of my body/soul/spirit/psyche. With saddle bags under my eyes, I wrote about ‘It’. ‘Clementine’ is still at a stand still to this day but I intend to return to her, at some point, finish her adventures, eleven books, with a prequel which just had to be and two sequels which are happy endings.

As I lay ‘It-666’ down on paper, my nightmares about her decreased. I am still disturbed to described them fully. It was as if I was in a Being which could not speak properly, which would not defend itself but had the might to do so and was put to slaughter. I started writing about ‘It-666’ after one distressingly bad dream, where I was crucified upside down in my own bedroom. It felt so real that I was confused in the morning. Morning, still in bed, no holes in any parts of my body, just a bloody dream, AGAIN. I did check myself throughout but also that I was not surrounded by walls bleeding tears of blood.

The character of It was awake in my creative mind, alive, stuck in a cage somewhere and had to be rescued. Her story flowed from me to the point where the sleepless nights were not due to nightmares anymore but just writing It/it. I am a bit of a workaholic when it comes to creative writing. It is hard for me to stop. I have penned four books of the It-666 saga with a fifth on the map. All are at different stages of publication. The first one and the second are published, the third and fourth are ready for publication. 

The saga starts with ‘Finding It-666: the Beast.’ During the Fall of 2012, Private Investigator, Walter Workmaster stumbled across a tortured teenager kept in a cage under a pentagram in a bunker. Saving ‘It’ turns the atheist world of Workmaster upside down…